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Ajay Purkar, who played Sher Shivraj in ‘Dnyaneshwar Mauli,’ is back in the film

Actor Ajay Purkar has lately joined the cast of the popular devotional drama Dnyaneshwar Mauli. Ajay Purkar, who had left the show a few months ago, has returned to Dnyaneshwar Mauli, a devotional show.
Ajay Purkar previously played Visoba Shastri in Dnyaneshwar Mauli and will reprise the role in this film. Grey colours can be found in Visoba Shastri.
When it came to the plot, Visoba Khechar’s role was one of the most intriguing in the TV series.

Even a sight of Visoba causes the entire town to shudder. Dnyandev Maharaj has achieved his mission of teaching the essence of the Bhagavadgita to the common people and demanding world peace, but now Visoba, who has always disseminated ego everywhere by his presence, is returning.
The audience appreciated Ajay Purkar’s work, and now that he’s back in the series, they’re eager to see what the show’s next exciting turn will be.
For those who are unaware, Ajay Purkar just departed his programme Mulgi Zali Ho in the middle of its run due to impending projects.

On social media, the actor said that he will no longer be a part of Mulgi Jhali Ho and that he has left the show. Rajan Sardeshmukh was his character in the show.
Ajay Purkar made waves recently when he starred as Bajiprabhu in the superhit flick Pawankhind. Sher Shivraj, his other historical picture, was recently premiered in theatres.

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