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News Correction Policy


Newagedaily has faith in straightforwardness and trustworthiness. In this way, Newagedaily will address botches quickly. Completion and newness of data speak to two certain qualities in the online news coverage, and Newagedaily accepts that exactness is similarly fundamental; we guarantee convenience in making amendments when required.

Newagedaily is devoted to illuminating its perusers when it has committed an error (anyway large or little), passing on the blunder’s seriousness, and giving the right data when the mix-up is brought to consideration.


At the point when a mistake is recognized inside an article, Newagedaily quickly attempts to locate the right data and plainly shows the rectifications of any place conceivable inside the article. The redresses will include:

The right data.


What was initially distributed was inaccurate?

The date (and time, if accessible) when the change occurred.

The cycle to report mistakes from inside articles is made straightforward, by giving an email address and structure to get in touch with us toward the start of each article.

At whatever point blunders can’t be changed inside the body of an article’s substance, redresses are shown obviously in the last passage of the news content. Instead of eliminating totally the substance containing an error, we give an explanation and induction of our missteps to save straightforwardness.

Get in touch with us at [email protected] for refreshes.

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