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TCL P635 65 Inch Smart TV available at 60% discount on Flipkart


TCL Smart TV with 65-inch screen costs Rs 1,24,990. However, this TV is now available on Flipkart for Rs 49,990 after a 60% discount. On the acquisition of a television, an exchange offer of Rs 16,990 is made. After that, the TV’s price remains at Rs 33,000. TV may be purchased with a monthly EMI of Rs 4,166. On TV purchases, a 7-day replacement policy is available.

High Dynamic Range (HDR), the newest UHD video standard, provides a greater viewing experience with eye-catching brightness, excellent shadow detail, and rich colours.


Designed to make every scene as clear as possible, with clearer language and tonnes of amazing detail. The sound of entertainment has never been better, from athletic events to your favourite TV series.

The chipset’s real-time TCL algorithm assesses the material, identifies the environment, and scales the display and audio to optimise overall functionality, boosting the enjoyable experience.


The magnificent 4K display improves picture quality by implementing the latest open high-dynamic-range video standard, which improves each frame through tonal range, brightness, and contrast.

With the superb 4K display, which incorporates the most recent open high-dynamic-range video standard, dynamic tone mapping improves picture quality, and the range of tones, brightness, and contrast are considerably improved frame-by-frame.

More intelligent material makes your viewing experience more interesting and exciting. TCL’s Dynamic Colour Enhancement is designed to automatically boost colour vibrancy.

A revolutionary algorithm expands on traditional palette constraints, resulting in a more vibrant, high-quality video experience. A new quad-core processor designed to optimise overall hardware and software performance enhances the entertainment experience.

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