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World’s most expensive pillow that nearly costs $57,000


A physiotherapist in the Netherlands created a pillow that sells for an eye-popping $57,000. (Rs 45 lakh).

Thijs van der Hilst created the pillow over the course of fifteen years.


It is said to be made of Egyptian cotton, Mulberry silk, and non-toxic Dutch memory foam.

The pillow is actually made of 24-carat gold, diamonds, and sapphire, which could cost you a fortune.


Aside from the four diamonds and a sapphire attached to the zip of this pillow, the cotton used to stuff the following is produced by a robotic milling machine.

This pillow will be designed and curated to meet the needs of the customers. After placing an order, the team will use a 3D scanner to measure the customer’s shoulders, head, and neck.

Following the measurement, the pillow is filled with Dutch memory foam, which is designed to adapt to the shape of the person’s head using high-tech robotic machine mills.

Before finalising the pillow, Thijs van der Hilst will inquire about the patient’s upper body measurement and sleeping posture.

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