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WhatsApp adds new features to its list


WhatsApp has announced new group calling features, including the ability to mute others during a group call and send messages to specific individuals.

When someone joins an off-screen group call, a banner appears.


Last year, WhatsApp began developing a new privacy setting that would allow users to hide their “profile photos,” “last seen,” and “about” information from specific people in their contact lists.

Previously, users could choose between three privacy settings for their profile photo, last seen, and About information: Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. These are joined by a fourth option titled ‘My contacts except.’ This option is also available for Status privacy.

The most recent WhatsApp beta update also includes an admin approval feature, which allows WhatsApp group admins to accept or deny requests from people who want to join through a hyperlink.

The feature, which is currently only available to beta users, will soon be available for secure versions of the app on both Android and iOS.

The toggle switch for ‘Group Membership Approval’ will be available in the group settings.