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Unesco World Heritage Sites That Are Now Famous Tourist Attractions


Places that were formerly abandoned but are now attractive tourist destinations
They were once locations that brought people joy, albeit for a brief time. They’re now overgrown with sand, garbage, and grass. These abandoned locations have a spooky appearance, but they make excellent Instagram photos. There are many abandoned sites around the world that didn’t start out that way but didn’t work out for various reasons. These abandoned locations, ironically, are now attracting people. Here are some of the world’s best-preserved abandoned places for all the curious kitties out there.

Alaska’s Kennecott
This abandoned copper mining hamlet is located in Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Old establishments that originally served the town’s population can still be seen when visiting this town. There is a tourist information centre with information on the town and its surroundings. Kennecott is worth a visit.


Italy’s Craco
Craco is stunning, believe us when we say that. The town is situated on top of a hill, which is one of the reasons why the population left this lovely town. The town has been affected by numerous landslides, earthquakes, and natural disasters. Despite its tragic past, the town is currently a famous tourist destination.