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Uber Technologies Inc. confirms that it was a victim of the Lapsus$ group


Uber Technologies Inc. confirmed on Monday that it was a victim of the Lapsus$ group. Cisco Systems announced last month that it had been hacked, most likely by a hacker.

Hackers broke into the networks of Nvidia Corp., Microsoft Corp., Samsung Electronics, and others during a month-long rampage in March.


An amorphous hacker group has been incredibly successful in breaking into some of the world’s largest technology companies.

According to security researchers and law enforcement officials, the group is likely to include members from Brazil and the United Kingdom.


Many of these attacks prey on the systems that businesses have put in place to operate efficiently in an era of remote work.

Lapsus$ has infiltrated many businesses simply by identifying the right targets.

According to Samsung, Nvidia, and Microsoft, the group stole source code or proprietary information.

Following the Okta hack, the group continued to criticise Okta’s public statements.

In April, the City of London Police charged two teenagers in connection with the hacks.

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