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U.S. Postal Service announces its planning of an initial $2.98 billion order of next-generation delivery vehicles


U.S. Postal Service announced it planned an initial $2.98 billion order of 50,000 next-generation delivery vehicles from Oshkosh Defense.

USPS told Reuters it expected to raise the number of EVs as it supplemented its environmental impact statement (EIS).


The company plans to buy more than 34,500 commercial off-the-shelf delivery vehicles over two years.


In total, USPS says at least 40% of the vehicles it will buy will be EVs.

16 states, four environmental groups and the United Auto Workers filed lawsuits against the agency’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in April.

USPS will also need to make significant investment in the repair of over 50,000 aging delivery vehicles.

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