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Top 5 gadgets to help you leave smoking addiction


Smoking is one of the most lethal and socially acceptable acts on the planet. According to research, people who try to quit cold turkey end up relapsing in less than a month. Another option is to accept responsibility and choose a path that gradually weans you from the deadly act of smoking. Here are 5 excellent gadgets that will not only assist you in quitting smoking but will also make it a permanent decision.


  • Electronic Cigarettes

    E-cigarettes have been around for a long time but are still underutilised. Invented and patented in the 1960s, the e-cigarette is one of the least harmful materials available, providing the wholesome sensation of smoking a real cigarette. The device emits smoke via a vaporizer embedded within the stick, which emits nicotine and nicotine only for the smoker to inhale, shielding him from thousands of other harmful chemicals. There are various types of vaporizer pens, ranging from simple units to vaporizers that can be customised and used with a variety of smoke flavours, both with and without nicotine.

  • The NicoStopper

    The NicoStopper is more of a high-end smoking cessation device. However, the high price combined with its working method is a great combination to solidify your resolve to stop. This device is actually an electronic cigarette holder that restricts your consumption by releasing one cigarette at regular intervals. As a result, limiting your cigarette use to this machine is an excellent way to progress toward becoming a nonsmoker. The device also records your smoking habits and gradually reduces the frequency of output to reduce consumption.

  • Coughing ashtray

This device is simply an ashtray that coughs whenever it is used. Those who have worked with it say it reacts violently to smoke and                   nicotine. If you get too close to it with ash or smoke, it will cough very loudly to remind you of the risks you’re taking with your health               by smoking.

  • Linkman
    This is a poor substitute for the QuitKey. It isn’t aware of how frequently you smoke, and it doesn’t care. It simply asks you to double-press “permission” whenever you need a cigarette, and it will tell you if it is safe to smoke.

    Smoke away when the light turns green. If it’s red, you’ll have to put up with it for a while. Non-smoking intervals start at ten minutes and gradually increase over time.

  • The QuitKey

    QuitKey is a small computer that helps you quit smoking. This is a useful device for those who lack willpower. When you enter a record every time you smoke, the device keeps track of your smoking habits; the device synchronises your daily intake and limits your smoking. This is the device for you if you are good with commands. The only disadvantage of this device is that you must listen to it without ignoring the specific intervals.

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