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Tomokazu Seki Joins Golden Kamuy Season 4 Cast


Fusataro Osawa, played by Tomokazu Seki, has joined the cast of Golden Kamuy Season 4.

The veteran voice actor has played a number of well-known anime characters, including Rob Lucci from One Piece and Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket.



The anime is based on Satoru Noda’s manga series, which he wrote and illustrated.

On the upcoming season 4 of Golden Kamuy, Tomokazu Seki will play Fusataro Osawa.

The anime will premiere in October and will be animated by Brain’s Base, which has taken over for Geno Studio. Shizutaka Sugahara will serve as the film’s director, and Takumi Yamakawa will design the characters.

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