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The Delhi native who slayed Milan Fashion Week reveals how he got his dream job


Many Indian designers, models, and influencers were invited to display at the just-finished major global event Milan and Paris Fashion Week, which is a proud occasion for the country. Vaishali S became the first female Indian designer to exhibit in Milan, while blogger Masoom Minawala became the first influencer to walk as a showstopper. A 24-year-old Delhi guy set the world ramp ablaze among the many Indian celebrities who attended the event this year.

Saurabh Chaudhary realised his aim of swaggering down the international runway by working for Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani. Saurabh talked about his journey and the lessons he’s learned thus far in a fashion shoot with Times of India.


Saurabh described his opportunity to walk for high-end Italian fashion houses as “pure luck,” and added that cracking the selection process was difficult due to the large number of individuals waiting in line, including many celebrities. “The selection process was incredibly rigorous,” the 24-year-old remarked of his journey to Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani. Hundreds of models waited in line to audition for the show, including some well-known stars who were in line but couldn’t make it. “It was pure serendipity that I was chosen.”


Saurabh, who started his modelling career in 2017 with a Delhi-based agency, said he was “fascinated by a few internationally recognised labels,” which included D&G and Giorgio Armani. He is overjoyed that despite not having white complexion, he has made it to the mainstream.

“I am honoured to represent India, and I am very pleased that designers have begun to include a segment in their shows for brown skinned or Indian models,” he remarked. Saurabh went on to talk about an occurrence that made him “proud” of his country and has gained international acclaim in the design industry.

“When he (Giorgio Armani) came for our fitting session, he pointed at me and exclaimed ‘Indiano,’ as if this suit was constructed specifically for this Indian person standing there,” he explained. I can’t explain how pleased I am that we are finally receiving international attention.” The international model used to go to castings in the national capital during his early modelling days, when he even had the chance to work with a few well-known fashion labels.

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