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Telegram Premium is now officially available for $4.99/€5.49/INR 469 per month


Telegram’s Premium subscription is now available worldwide for $4.99/€5.49/INR 469 per month. To upgrade to Premium, users must first update their Telegram app to version 8.8, then go to app settings and select the new Telegram Premium option.

Telegram claims that its new subscription service helps to support the free version of the app while also paying for all of the new features in the Premium version.


In related news, Telegram announced that it now has over 700 million users around the world. The company is especially proud of the achievement because it has never paid for advertising and relies solely on word-of-mouth recommendations.

Telegram Premium allows you to send and download files at lightning speed, with no ads and unlimited storage.

Telegram users on the free tier will be able to download 4GB files sent to them by Premium subscribers.

You can subscribe to up to 1,000 channels, create 20 chat folders with up to 200 chats each, pin up to ten chats in any app, and save up to ten favourite stickers.

For those times when you don’t want to listen but want to see what it says, voice messages can be converted to text.

Premium users’ animated profile videos will animate for everyone throughout the app, including in chats and the chat list. Premium users can now add new icons to their Home Screen to better match their personality or wallpaper.