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Tamara Leisure expects to triple its revenue this fiscal year


According to Tamara Leisure Experiences CEO Shruti Shibhulal, the company expects its business to triple in the current fiscal year compared to pre-pandemic levels, as travel restrictions ease.

Tamara Leisure is divided into three segments: luxury resorts, business hotels, and mid-market hotels.


Shruti Shibulal, CEO of the company, stated that the last few years have been extremely volatile.


Revenue has increased due to the relaxation of travel restrictions, she claims.

Through acquisitions, the company intends to expand its operations both domestically and internationally.

Tamara Leisure will open a new O By Tamara business hotel in Coimbatore, as well as the first Lilac Hotel in a pilgrimage centre, Guruvayur, early next year.

Shibulal stated that the main reason she is in the hospitality industry is to provide meaningful jobs for the local community and to drive social welfare around the company’s assets.

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