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Salman Khan lashes out at Shalin Bhanot


Salman Khan lashes out at Shalin Bhanot in Bigg Boss 16, revealing that he knows the truth about his ex-wife Dalljiet Kaur.

Although the trailer only shows a tiny fraction of the drama, it would be intriguing to see if Shalin has a response to Salman Khan’s revelation.



After 15 weeks on the show, Shalin Bhanot has lost his cool, and he threatened Bigg Boss in last night’s episode.

Salman Khan chastised Shalin for using foul language in front of Tina Datta, and the latter defends himself by claiming that she dragged his ex-wife Daljiet Kaur into their feud, which is causing him harm.

Salman Khan rants at Shalin, telling him that he is solely responsible for his reputation.

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