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Sajid Khan discloses the names of actual mandali members according to him


The Bigg Boss 16 contestants are preparing for the finale week by leaving no stone unturned in order to delight the audience.

This season had it everything, from shocking evictions to unexpected wild card entrants, and it garnered a lot of praise from fans.



Abdu Rozik, the audience’s favourite competitor, recently left Bigg Boss 16 on his own accord, breaking many hearts. Sajid Khan was also seen leaving the show emotionally midway due to work obligations.

Abdu Rozik and Sajid Khan will now appear in the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Sajid Khan revealed the identities of the participants, who he claimed were genuine members of the’mandali.’

‘Mandali for me is of four people Abdu, Shiv, MC and me and not six. We four were friends and we became a mandali automatically,’ Sajid was quoted saying.

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