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Sajid Khan and Archana Gauatam gets into a heated argument


Sajid Khan and Archana Gauatam got into a heated argument in Bigg Boss 16.

According to Sajid, some people on the show believe their father owns the show. “Mera baap itna ameer hote toh woh BiggBoss ko chala sakte, aap apne papa ko bol dijiye na woh chala lenge,” Archana responded.



Sajid became enraged and stood up, motioning for Archana to exit the truck.

Shiv Thakare and MC Stan were seen attempting to stop Sajid from charging at Archana. He screamed, “Tune kaap ka naam liya! chal utar ab Apni aukat dekh.”

Archana also pitted Tina Datta against Sumbul Touqeer Khan over household chores.

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