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Rahul Vaidya, VJ Andy and Urvashi Dholakia slams Sajid Khan for abusing Archana Gautam


Archana Gautam and Sajid Khan had a huge fight in yesterday’s episode. Archana began by mocking Sajid Khan, claiming that he was not a fair captain. It escalated to the point where they began abusing each other.

After Sajid Khan said, ‘Kisi ka baap chala raha hai Bigg Boss,’ all hell broke loose. Sajid Khan lost it after Archana Gautam made a remark about his father. So much so that he abused her and made disparaging remarks about her mother.


Ex-contestants VJ Andy and Urvashi Dholakia weighed in on yesterday’s fight, siding with Archana Gautam. Rahul Vaidya also took to Twitter to criticise Sajid Khan’s abusive language.


He stated that Archana Gautam was not incorrect this time, and Sajid Khan made underhanded remarks. He slammed Sajid Khan, calling him an elitist and asking how this is even acceptable.



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