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Queen Elizabeth II’s death prompts Irish Twitter to trend


Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving monarch in history, died on Thursday at the age of 96, and while there has been a worldwide outpouring of grief, some countries are celebrating.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has sparked online commentary, memes, and debate.


Some Irish posters have been advised to be more respectful of the Queen and her family during this difficult time.

Others have speculated that Commonwealth countries colonised by Britain would regard her death with contempt.

Ireland, where there is still bitterness toward England, is one country where some are celebrating.

Ireland was ruled by the British for 800 years, during which time it experienced brutality, violent uprisings, and the potato famine.


The late queen’s death sparked a discussion about the famine on Irish Twitter, as part of a larger discussion about colonialism and imperialism, and the late queen’s role in it.

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