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Mirabai Chanu wins gold at the 36th National Games


Mirabai Chanu, an Olympic silver medalist, lifts 191kg to win gold at the 36th National Games.

She won the title by lifting 84kg in snatch and 107kg in clean and jerk.


Sanjita Chanu, another Manipur weightlifter, took silver with a total of 187kg.

Sneha Soren of Odisha won bronze with a lift of 169kg.


She will compete in her first Asian Games after missing the 2018 season due to a back injury.

Mirabai lifted 81kg in her first attempt at the National Games, taking a 2kg lead over fellow Manipur weightlifter Sanjita in the snatch and clean and jerk categories.

Mirabai’s third attempt at 84kg was ruled a foul because she injured her left wrist and did not land in both categories.

“I recently injured my left wrist while training at NIS Patiala, so I avoided taking too many risks,” she explained.

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