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Microblogging platform Hive surpasses one million users


Hive has gained over 144,000 new installs in the last few days. During this time, the app’s ranking rose from 338 to 17 in the total rankings of the US App Store. Hive is now ranked in the top 20 on the App Store in the United States. As of November 20, Data.ai anticipates 720,000+ lifetime installs.


Kassandra Pop founded Hive in 2019. The app has been described as a convergence of several social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, and Myspace. Unlike Twitter, the app does not rely solely on timelines. Aside from their main feed, users can explore their interests in a variety of topic-based groups.
Hive, a Twitter alternative, has seen an increase in sign-ups amid uncertainty and fears that Twitter will be shut down. In the last 30 days, nearly 214,000 of Hive’s 733,000 lifetime installs on iOS and Android have occurred. As of this writing, the app was ranked third in the US Social Networking category.

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