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Maharashtra ATM Dispenses 5 Times Extra Cash


Locals rush in after news that an ATM in Maharashtra is dispensing 5 times more cash.

The currency notes of 500 denomination were mistakenly kept in the ATM tray meant to dispense notes of 100 denomination, according to the official.


When a man tried to withdraw 500 from an ATM, he received five 500-denomination currency notes from the cash dispenser in Maharashtra’s Nagpur district.

He repeated the process and received 2,500 while attempting to withdraw 500. This occurred on Wednesday at a private bank’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Khaparkheda, about 30 kilometres from Nagpur.

The word quickly spread, and a large crowd gathered outside the ATM to withdraw cash.

This continued until one of the bank customers called the local cops, who rushed to the ATM and shut it down. They then informed the bank, according to a police official from Khaparkheda.