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Jungkook reveals the BTS friendship tattoo ‘7’


BTS members have all decided to get tattoos. A seven, which they previously admitted is a very important number for them and that they have all decided to leave embodied in their skin as a symbol of their friendship.

Although not all members have done so so far, Jungkook did not hesitate to show off his tattoo.


Jungkook can be seen pouting through the mirror in the photo, which is located behind his left ear. The ‘7’ tattoo can be seen about an inch in size, just behind his many ear piercings.

BTS member RM was the first to show off his new ‘7’ tattoo, which is now located on the side of his foot, just above his inner ankle.

As keen fans have noticed, Jimin’s tattoo is on the side of his left hand’s index finger.

J-Hope was another member who got his first, revealing it on the side of his foot, while Jin has it on his lower back, near his waist.