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ISRO’s upcoming experiments in 2023 to include sun and moon missions


ISRO’s Upcoming Experiments for 2023 Include Dedicated Sun and Moon Missions. Skyroot Aerospace, which launched India’s first privately produced rocket in November, intends to launch a client satellite next year.

Agnikul Cosmos, an IIT-Madras-based startup, has also scheduled a test flight of their highly customizable Agnibaan rocket.



The number of space startups in India has now surpassed 100, and these startups have raised more than $245.35 million in funding (roughly Rs. 2,000 crore).

The OneWeb deal for ISRO is said to be the result of aggressive Indian bidding after the Ukraine war pulled Russian space launch capabilities off the market.

Chaitanya Giri, space consultant with Research and Information System for Developing Countries likens the aggression in the Indian space sector to the one displayed by Sourav Ganguly’s cricket team.

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