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Halloween Ends new images released


New images of Halloween Ends have been released.

The story picks up four years after Michael Myers’ second killing spree in Halloween Ends.


The time jump begs the question of where The Shape goes and why he returns years later.

The trailer almost certainly confirms a copycat killer disguised as The Shape.

According to Jamie Lee Curtis, the film will “make people very angry.”


By introducing more than one killer, Halloween Ends could expand on the major theme of mob violence in Halloween Kills.

In the Halloween films, Michael Myers has always been a symbol of pure evil.

The Shape heard at the beginning of the Halloween Ends trailer does not appear to have the same deep cadence as Nick Castle, instead breathing more lightly.

Strode is no longer a blood relative of Michael, but she remains inextricably linked to him because she believes he will always return to Haddonfield.

The Shape has always radiated inhumanity, perhaps because his face is never seen without the mask.

An attack on Strode appears to be the only way to entice Michael back into the fold.

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