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Great Britain adds Putin’s priest Gundyaev to the sanctions list


Great Britain sanctioned Putin’s priest Gundyaev.

This sanctions regime is intended to encourage Russia to stop destabilising Ukraine or undermining or threatening Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty, or independence.


Individuals designated under this regime are included on the UK sanctions list.

The new list includes more members of Putin’s inner circle, including Oleg Deripaska, Dmitri Lebedev, and Igor Sechin, who collectively have a net worth of more than £15 billion ($19.7 billion).

The sanctions come ahead of the introduction of a new so-called economic crime bill into British law later this month, which will increase the speed and severity with which the government can prosecute criminals.

According to the bill, wealthy Russians will no longer be able to use London to launder money or conceal gains associated with organised crime.