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Government hackers most likely to use commercial spyware to compromise the phones of US officials


Government hackers are most likely using commercial spyware to compromise the phones of US officials stationed around the world, according to the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday.

Reports last year that attackers used spyware to infiltrate the phones of US diplomats in Uganda provide only a glimmer of the scope of the problem.


Most sophisticated spyware can gain access to a victim’s messages, camera, and microphone without requiring the victim to click on a single link.

Following a series of revelations by activists and media organisations, the Biden administration has begun to address the use of commercial spyware tools.

A House committee heard that spyware vendors are increasingly selling their tools to authoritarian governments.

According to Microsoft’s testimony, the expanding industry is worth more than $12 billion.

According to an NSO Group spokesperson, customers cannot target US numbers, and its software cannot be used on US soil unless it is operated by a US agency.