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First bottle of space proof champagne available for astronauts


The first champagne bottle that is both genuine, AOC-approved, and safe for spaceflight is Cordon Rouge Stellar.

Inside a casing made of aeronautical-grade aluminium lies a 375ml glass bottle.


The mushroom cork has a long neck and is securely held in place by a steel ring.

With the bottle, it will not be feasible to pop the cork as is customary because high-velocity projectiles and space don’t mix well.


Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar’s safety for spaceflight has been verified by passing rigorous tests.

It will travel on upcoming missions for Axiom to the Axiom Station, which is currently under construction.

The grapes used to make the champagne itself were mostly Pinot Noir and were picked in 2016.

According to its creators, champagne has an all-encompassing attraction as a terrestrial representation of the finer things in life.

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