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Elon Musk’s child files documents to change her name, formally declaring her gender identity


Elon Musk’s child, Xavier Alexander Musk, has filed documents to change his name to Vivian Jenna Wilson in order to be identified as a woman, according to court filings.

While the Tesla CEO has not spoken about his seven known children, the media outlet reported that Vivian prefers to avoid the spotlight.


Vivian, who appears to have no social media accounts, filed name change documents in Los Angeles County. She has the legal right to change her name because she is 18 years old. She allegedly celebrated her birthday in April and desired to be identified as a female.

Vivian Elizabeth Wilson, Elon Musk’s IVF child, was named after her mother Justine Wilson, who lost her first son, Nevada Alexander, at 10 weeks in 2002.

He had twins, Xavier (now Vivan) and Griffin, through in vitro fertilisation in 2004. Vivian, on the other hand, has desired to keep her mother’s surname, Wilson. As of now, the SpaceX CEO has not commented on his child’s new identity.