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Elon Musk shares a meme about Billie Eilish


Elon Musk shared a meme about Billie Eilish and a boy who grew up to be him.

“Still so grateful,” the world’s richest man captioned it, adding a teary-eyed emoticon at the end.


Musk, 51, clearly outnumbers the 20-year-old American singer-songwriter.


This is a meme format that flips the timeline by showing someone giving advice to a young boy or girl who grows up to become famous individuals who are much older in real life.

Lin Manuel Miranda, Britney Spears, and Markiplier are among the celebrities who have used the meme format.

It’s a meta joke in which he’s walking down the street when he notices a young boy crying and tells him not to give up on his dreams, and the little boy grows up to become Pewdiepie.

Musk posted this meme in 2019 with the caption “And I am forever grateful.”

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