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Crypto.com accidentally transfers $10.5 million AUD Instead of issuing a standard $100 AUD


Instead of issuing a standard $100 AUD ($68 USD), Crypto.com accidentally transferred $10.5 million AUD to an Australian customer.

The error was not discovered until seven months later, by which time a portion of the money had already been spent.


The company has filed a lawsuit in Victoria Supreme Court to recover its funds.


Crypto.com is suing a customer who spent $1.3 million AUD on a five-bedroom house for her sister instead of reporting the incorrect refund to the company.

The first transfer took place in May 2021, after an employee inadvertently typed an account number into the payment amount field.

Crypto.com only discovered the error during an audit in December 2021. The case will be heard again in court in October.

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