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Contestants rebel against Archana Gautam and drag her belongings into jail


Bigg Boss 16 is doing exceptionally well.
Inside the house, the housemates would rebel against Archana because she would not listen to them. The reason for this is that the politician is sleeping and refuses to wake up and perform any duties, despite the contestants’ requests.
Archana’s strategy in the game is to irritate and frustrate everyone in the house so she can be seen, as if one person rules the entire house.
Archana was evicted from the house last week after a heated argument with Shiv. Salman Khan brought her back and said that what she did was wrong, but it was done in jest, and she deserves another chance. Archana quickly became a difficult contestant, causing problems for all of the housemates.
Because Archana is not performing her duties, Ankit has taken over as captain and is assisting Sajid Khan. We saw her pick a fight with Priyanka over sugar and even annoy Sajid Khan while he was captain.
The contestants will then bring Archana’s belongings from the jail and tell her that she deserves to stay here.
Shiv, Gautam, Shalin, and Stan lift the mattress on which Archana is sleeping in order for her to wake up and not break the house rule.

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