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A massive 9,000-person cruise ship scrapped


A massive 9,000-person cruise ship has been scrapped before it has even set sail.

Global Dream II is a 9,000-passenger ship that no one is willing to buy.


It is currently housed in a German shipyard, where some of its fixtures and engines are being ripped out and sold.

The first Global Dream ship is also unfinished in the same dock, but time is running out to find a buyer for the pair, as the shipyard will only make submarines beginning in 2024.

The Global Dream II was scheduled to leave the shipyard in 2021, but the pandemic caused a drop in demand for cruises.

MV Werften declared bankruptcy in January, and the administrators began looking for ways to monetize the shipbuilder’s assets.

ThyssenKrupp’s Marine System purchased the shipyard and plans to build submarines, frigates, and corvettes there beginning in 2024.